I call him "St. Anthony" because of the miracles he creates!

Mary King, Founder of Yoga Hop, Author, Screenwriter, Intuitive

A word of gratitude for your kindness in taking care of my "bad" old-fractured shoulder at the Deepak Chopra conference in Austin. The improvement in the motion was immediate and has held up quite nicely.

Jorge Cassir, M.D. Oncologist

The Best Chiropractor in the West! A 'god' amongst chiropractors!

S. M. Stirling, New York Times best selling author - The Peshawar Lancers, The Change series, Draka series

Excellent results!

Stephen Cannell- Television producer, writer, New York Times best selling author, founder of Stephen J. Cannell Productions (A-team, Rockford Files and 21 Jump Street)

Special thanks for fixing my shoulder. Thanks for the relief from pain.

Jane Lindskold, Author - Through Wolf's Eyes, Firekeeper saga

The man who fixes backs!

David Weber, New York Times best selling author- Honor Harrington series

I got more relief after the first treatment then from both of my spinal surgeries combined!

Sharon Weber

I have been to the best chiropractors in the world since I was a teenager, and you are better than them.

Florence Henderson., Actress

Dr. Anthony is the best doctor I have ever found-- and widely regarded as the best by other medical professionals who secretly seek him out for themselves. One day I asked him why he was so good and successful. He said: "I LISTEN TO MY PATIENTS! I LISTEN TO EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY. I THINK ABOUT IT AND ONLY THEN DO I ACT." Damn good advice for anyone!

John Herget, Author, musician, screenwriter, political activist.

We met last semester at U.S.C. for a "Wellness and Longevity" conference. Your suggestions have worked incredibly. Thank you again for the advice and help. It was an honor to meet you.

Alexandru Balta

Mark, you amaze me. I hobble in and dance out! And, you are so quick!

Jim Fullerton

You are a true and wonderful healer.

Vicki Cunningham

You have kept me moving all these years - you are great.

Virginia Hodges

I have mobility because of Dr. Anthony!

Frank Herwig

You have taught me so much about everything. I always feel much better when I leave and feel taller!

Anna Staats

Thank you for helping us to feel better!

Edie & Gary McMillan

Dr. Mark and the whole staff make me feel so at home. I love coming for adjustments to my body and mind. They're wonderful!

Crisann Morgan

What a difference a treatment makes! Dr. Anthony helps God to heal us, and miracles happen.

Jeanne Needham

Our Lord Blessed us with this wonderful man who has been gifted with healing talents to help all of his patients.

Kathy Faulkner, R.N.

Dr. Anthony is the reason I am able to keep on "going". He has helped me with so many "old person" problems. I feel like a new woman when I leave here.

Dorothy Ertel

I walk in with a horrible headache and walk out without one!!

Marla Keeth, R.N.

I semi-crawl in with painful sciatica and walk out!!!

Louise Lopez

My 10-year history of neck pain resolved after following up regularly for treatment. I now get a tune-up monthly.

Denise Soto

My father could hardly get out of bed; after four sessions he is feeling and walking better and his pain has been decreased.

D. Zuber

You're the greatest! Feel good!

Steve Siedow

I have been a patient for 10 years, since I was 16. His work is amazing, like magic. I feel like a new woman after an adjustment. Using Dr. Anthony during my pregnancy has made an amazing difference.

Katrina Susca, R.N.

I had been under chiropractic care for many years and wasn't very happy with my DC. I hadn't gone for a few months and was in severe pain with swelling around my neck. I called Dr. Anthony and Cheryl got me in within a half hour. I got a consultation and adjustment immediately. The pain and swelling went away within 4 hours and I made it 4 days feeling better than I had in a year. When I stopped by to drop off x-rays, Dr. Anthony offered to treat me right then if I wanted. He and his techniques are fabulous and I love the personal care, spirituality and homeopathic resources he includes. I'm looking forward to feeling great - inside and out - thanks to Dr. A. and his staff.

Shana Livigni

I knew the wonderful Cheryl from the gym and her introducing me to chiropractic care has been a lifesaver. Very few migraines, very few asthma attacks and much less pain. Overall improved wellness. My family members have found benefits as well. Thank you very much to everyone at Anthony Chiropractic, especially Cheryl. Dr. Anthony, Martina and Tiffany! You guys are wonderful!

Sonia McGregor

He is the best!

John Marshall

You do great things for others. God Bless.

Ken Cronin

Dr. Mark, I am pleased to tell you I crossed the street walking slowly like an old geezer ( which I am ) to your office...I left your office after a treatment and crossed Foothill again like a youngster...at a comfortable speed. Thanks for your help.

Jim F., 95 year old patient

You have helped me more than any other medical professional ever has.

Deena Shields

After I had my baby Rylee I thought my back would never go back to normal. Thank you !

Annalise Palmer

Martina does excellent spinal balancing. The tension in my back and hips improved..

Cynthia Zuker

He makes me smile!

Eleanor Lamm, 96 year old patient

Dr. Anthony has truly been a blessing to me. I always feel so much better after our visit. One of the best things about the doctor is he listens.

Larry Bowles

I came in with so much pain just under my right shoulder in the back. Dr. Anthony performed his chiropractic miracle and I am pain free as I leave the office to go to work as a registered nurse.

Louisa Senter, R.N.

Dr. Mark and the staff rocks!

Eddie Cunningham, singer, song writer, IAMA top 5 2007, Winner best gospel So. Cal Music Awards 06, John Lennon country winner, Billboard world song contest country winner 06

I had a chronic back condition that could not be relieved no matter what I did from pills to injections to other chiropractic. Dr. Mark had been after me for about a year to see him. So as a last resort I came in for a treatment, not expecting anything new. After my treatment I walked out of his office feeling better than I had felt in years. I would recommend him to everyone I know.

Barry Sokolsky

Doctor A! If it wasn't for you I'd still be walking with my cane. You gave me a second chance at life!! I love you doc!!

Lulu Topalian

The doc is a genius!

Henry Chavez

Greatest doc who ever lived! Helps more and more every time.

Gary Faulkner

Dr. Anthony adjusted me my during my whole pregnancy. My labor was so easy. I pushed twice and my son was born.

Tanya G.

Dr. Anthony welcomed me back after a long self care hiatus. I needed a body and mind adjustment. After the 1st. visit I was reminded why I need to continue my care. The toxins (physical and mental) were leaving my body after the 1st. visit! Thanks!